What Can Ruin Your Job Interview

What can possibly ruin your job application? Check out the following information for reference on the best job interview tips, as well as a couple of statistics on the common mistakes that you could avoid yourself.


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First impression is determined by…

  • 55% is on how you dress up, act on the interview and enter the door
  • 7% is in the words you choose to speak
  • 58% is in your voice, confidence and grammar

Common Mistakes Made by Interviewees

  • 9% of them uses to many hand gestures
  • 21% of them plays or touches their faces
  • 21% of them crosses their arms over their chest
  • 47% of them lack smiling
  • 67% fails to make an eye contact
  • 26% of them have a weak handshake

Tips for Interview Success

  1. Make a research on the company, employer and some stats about the organization. By having a solid understanding and knowledge of the company you would like to become a part of is essential in your success. The more research you do is the more you will understand about the company and the employer, as well as the organization’s overall culture and values.
  2. Review and answer the common interview questions. There is nothing better than preparing for the big day through practicing answering the most common interview questions. If you do, you would be able to prepare responses ahead of time.
  3. Always dress for success. Plan on the dress to wear based on the culture of the company. Dress in the most professional manner that you could to capture their attention and to get a positive impression from them. Do not wear too much of jewelry and accessories; a watch would do.
  4. Show up on time for the interview.
  5. Answer the questions in the most intelligent and realistic manner you could, but avoid sounding frustrated or exaggerating. Check out the list of powerful resume words that you can use in order to make a good impression.

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