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Any form of writing can be a strain for most people and try to create that all impressive resume for a new job opening can be a very difficult process, not to mention time-consuming and stressful. Having a powerful resume is probably the most important document within your application and companies will receive thousands of them for every job they advertise so to weed out the weaker ones, they use a software-based application tracking system. Keywords from the job description are compared to the data contained in all the resumes and each one is then assigned a score. Those scoring high will then proceed to be checked through by human eyes whereas those with a low score will be trashed so resume keyword optimization is essential. For a high-quality help with ATS resume test, contact us right now.

Unfortunately, however, many people go overboard with the resume keyword optimization process and create CVs that are pure nonsense. They forget that human eyes will eventually view it if they score high enough on the resume keyword checker so doing this is a bad idea in trying to defeat the system. The Wall Street Journal reports that resume screening software use is now widespread among larger companies with up to 90% using them. This means that you are going to need all the help you can get to enhance the applicant tracking system keywords contained within your CV in order to get selected for an interview.

What Is a Good Way to Determine What Keywords to Add to Your Resume?

Firstly, what are these keywords we have mentioned? To put it simply, they are a selection of words and phrases used to find you. The employer will enter into their applicant tracking system, keywords that apply to the job being recruited for, these coupled with other filters will produce a field of hits much like you get when doing a search online.

They usually refer to things like:

  • A technical skill, job terminology or specialization.
  • The title, type of position, role or department.
  • A certification, a tool used or specific experience.
  • The vast majority of keywords that employers search on are for specialized or technical skills which mean that this section of your resume is the most important when it comes to applicant tracking systems keywords screening. The more technical your profession, the more important keywords are.
  • Review job descriptions, job postings, and advertisements for jobs you are seeking and make a list of the skills required. Look for terms, jargon and buzz words that are industry and job specific. Having multiple columns of these words will help you to focus on the ones that are the most important.
  • Include acronyms, but also spell them out. That’s especially helpful since the person tasked with going through resumes might not know all the relevant acronyms. Include relevant professional groups or associations.
  • Use keywords in social-media profiles as well as resumes. For example, LinkedIn provides a summary section for keywords and specialties. 50 to 80% of employers are searching for keywords on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social-networking sites.

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Tools That Can Help You with Job Description Keyword Finder

  • AutoCoder is an effective tool, from O*Net OnLine, for recruiters and job hunters that most have worked with before. Here is where you can get your edge. Essentially, you input the job title and job description for any position, and it will output a standard set of position matches and keywords for that role.
  • Google’s Keyword Tool. By typing in one or more of the keywords you’ve already identified. The Google Keyword Tool will return a list of results that are similar to that word or phrase which can help to look for additional keyword ideas.
  • CVLift generates keywords based on a job title. Simply insert your desired job title, and CVLift displays a list of common keywords for that job.
  • TagCrowd. Instead of locating keywords manually, using online word cloud programs allow you to effectively pull out the appropriate keywords you need for your resume. The words that appear in your word cloud results are the keywords found most commonly throughout the job description.

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