Top 70 Great Resume Words

great resume words
great resume words
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Resumes that work are those that bring the job you are looking for. However, for a resume to get the job done for you, you must first build it according to what companies and hiring managers are looking for. Today, applicants no longer bring resumes personally to the company. The company hires hiring managers to get into the pool of resumes submitted online.

But with millions of resumes being uploaded daily, do you still have the chance to get hired? Yes. With the use of great resume words, your resume will have the edge over other applicants’.

A List of 70 Great Resume Words for You

The following words are among the widely used and effective keywords for resumes. These are also among the most filtered great words that hiring managers are looking for in an applicant’s resume.

  1. Administered
  2. Analyzed
  3. Arranged
  4. Assigned
  5. Attained
  6. Chaired
  7. Clarified
  8. Collected
  9. Compared
  10. Conducted
  11. Considered
  12. Consolidated
  13. Contracted
  14. Controlled
  15. Converted
  16. Coordinated
  17. Critiqued
  18. Decided
  19. Delegated
  20. Detected
  21. Determined
  22. Developed
  23. Diagnosed
  24. Directed
  25. Eliminated
  26. Emphasized
  27. Enforced
  28. Enhanced
  29. Established
  30. Evaluated
  31. Examined
  32. Executed
  33. Experimented
  34. Explored
  35. Extracted
  36. Formulated
  37. Gathered
  38. Generated
  39. Handled
  40. Headed
  41. Identified
  42. Improved
  43. Incorporated
  44. Increased
  45. Initiated
  46. Inspected
  47. Instituted
  48. Interviewed
  49. Invented
  50. Led
  51. Measured
  52. Motivated
  53. Obtained
  54. Organized
  55. Originated
  56. Oversaw
  57. Planned
  58. Produced
  59. Proposed
  60. Recommended
  61. Restored
  62. Reviewed
  63. Solved
  64. Spearheaded
  65. Streamlined
  66. Strengthened
  67. Supervised
  68. Surveyed
  69. Systematized
  70. Tested

Applicants’ Benefits from Their Using Of Best Words in Their Resumes

It has been a general knowledge today that best words make big difference on how resumes land on target jobs. But what do these words really do?

First, it focuses on the difference of your resume and helps it to be identified from the pool of other resumes sent to apply for the same position. Second, it highlights the best qualities you possess. Using those best words emphasizes your skills and experiences, making it more appealing for an interviewer or hiring manager. And third, it helps your resume get connected with your target employers through resume optimization.

Best Words to Use in a Resume

Using the best words to use in a resume is pretty easy. Once you get the sense of it, everything will come out naturally. For the first time, you can start listing action words for resumes that best suit you. You can consult the ones listed above. Next is to draft a summary of your resume. Include your educational and professional background, software you are familiar using and among other things. Once the draft is complete, pick the best words from your list that can describe you and your experience and skills. Lastly, step back and review what you have written and edit if needed.

Properly Worded Resume and How It Can Help For Getting a Job

A resume equipped with the right words can help you get your dream job. When you submitted your resume in an online job seeker website, it will be stored in a databank along with thousand others. The best words or keywords help your resume to be recognized and read by optical character recognition (OCR). This system sorts resumes with the highest volume of keywords. If yours is one of those, your resume will be referred to hiring managers and companies with open job opportunities similar to what you are applying for. Maybe, you also could be interested in strong resume words. Read more about them!

Use these resume words today!