Top 20 Resume Building Words in 2017

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Despite the fact that it is not easy to create a resume, it is worth it to write a resume that will meet the pre-requisites of employers. For your resume to stand out therefore, it must include resume building words in 2017. Whenever you are drafting your resume therefore, you must put the employers in mind and understand what they are really looking for in a resume. It is then that you can be assured that your resume will be shortlisted for the interview. So, let’s find out more about resume words 2017.

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What Are Employers Looking for in Resume Building Words in 2017?

It is unfortunate that quite a lot of talented job seekers are unable to land a job simply because they don’t know how to create a resume that will market both their experience and skills. While resume building words in 2017 is all about what recruiters and hiring managers are seeking in a resume, it is very important to know these things to be at the save side.

The following are questions beckoning for answers:

  • What are those things that recruiters and employers really want to see?
  • Are there particular points that, if not in a resume, will likely result in the disqualification of a candidate from being invited for an interview?
  • What do resumes of best candidates always contain?

Despite the fact that some understandable advice comes to mind, such as making sure your resume is free from mistakes as far as grammar and spelling are concerned, there are a number of other big-pictures issues to consider also.

Here is exactly what recruiters and hiring managers want to see in your resume in 2017.
Signs of motivation

The language and resume building words in 2017 you use in your resume can give an insight to your motivations and intentions concerning the job you are applying for. If employers are given the option to pick between somebody who only desires a job and somebody who purposely desires their job, a good number of employers will opt for the latter. All and sundry can be excited, but will it be possible for them to be as motivated as when they have processes a new hire’s paperwork for many times? Not explaining their motivation behind the job at hand is a common mistake job seekers make most often.

Use related keywords

The job search of nowadays happens online and also in person. Therefore, remember that if you fail to use the appropriate keywords, those who make hiring decisions may never locate your resume on job sites. As a result of technological advancement, lots of recruiters are making use of online tools and searching for keywords to look for candidates. Put your recruiters into consideration and then ask yourself about what you would type into your search engine if trying to occupy the position you are applying.

Information about the job posting

Avoid the mistake of sending the same resume to each employer. That will make you look like an amateur applicant. As an alternative, carefully read the job description and shape your resume to address particular points that the job post requires.

Include a professional summary or profile

Note the fact that to get noticed by a hiring manager or recruiter that always has just seconds to go through your resume is the name of the game, it can help to incorporate a profile or professional summary section at the top of your resume. This small section should emphasize your unique strengths in bullet form. Resumes that get the most attention consist of a professional summary.

Quantity of impact

Avoid being vague whenever you are detailing your career accomplishments. In this case, use real numbers and quantities when possible. This is because recruiters and hiring managers love seeing quantities and numbers of impact.

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The Most Powerful Resume Building Words in 2017 to Use on Your Resume

You can now use tools to map out those resume building words in 2017 that are optimal for your resume, as a job seeker. Here are some facts for you:

  • The strongest resume building words on your resume are almost nouns – and not verbs because hiring managers or employers and their software are not scanning for assisted or managed. They are actually looking for job titles, degrees, certifications, skills, names of processes, names of products, company names, names of software and hardware, names of professional or trade organizations and even names of schools.
  • Join your professional or trade organization and attend their meetings to find better resume building words in 2017 or read their newsletters. This is to know more about what people are saying and the titles of the speakers’ talks. These words will probably reflect the issues at the top of your prospective employer’s mind.
  • Studying the job description is one great way to find which nouns your probable employer cares most about – As a result, make use of those nouns and noun phrases in your resume.
  • Remember to always spend time checking out the website of your prospective employer – Doing this will make you learn a lot about the corporate culture and possibly garner a number of helpful words to incorporate in your resume. While you are at the website, look at their annual report for more clues.
  • Take a look critical look at your previous job titles – Find out what the industry-specific standard title would be for your specialty, if they don’t describe you accurately or they are non-standard. Make use of that or use your real title but develops upon it by making use of smart keywords to spell out your meaning.

20 Resume Building Words

Communicating clearly










Problem solving






Goal setting and achieving

Showing leadership




For your resume to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, particularly in 2017, it must incorporate resume building words in 2017. You must also know what the employers are actually looking in a resume. With the above guide, you can now write a powerful and successful resume.

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