The Worst Words to Use in a Resume

words to use in a resume
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So you have been sending out resumes for quite some time now and but you never heard anything from any of your job applications. Well, it’s time to do some rain check and believe in professional resume editors help to make your paper shine. You probably have the basic idea of resume format by now but it does not end there. As the matter of fact, it’s just a start. Maybe it has something to do with your choice of words for a resume. Have you ever thought of that? Well, you perhaps believe that you have been using the right sets of words to describe yourself and the things you can do. But the thing is that there are better ways to do that.

Words are powerful tools to close and start a business. The words you choose can make or break your goals in life – just like in getting a new job. There are actually the best words to use in a CV that can make an overnight shift for better career and there are worst ones that can keep you on the dark side of your dream job – just like where you are today.

The following resume writing tips will help you improve your CV by eliminating all the worst words for a resume that you have possibly been using by now.

A List of the Worst Words to Use in a Resume and How to Get Rid of Them

The first step to solve a problem is to recognize that there is one, identify it and take an action plan to solve it. If you have any of the following words on your resume, then you probably know the problem by now:

  • Best of breed
  • Bottom-line
  • Detail-oriented
  • Dynamic
  • Go-getter
  • Go-to person
  • Hard worker
  • Industrious
  • Proactively
  • Results-driven
  • Self-motivated
  • Strategic thinker
  • Synergy
  • Team player
  • Think outside of the box
  • Thought leadership
  • Track record
  • Value add
  • Passionate

Why These Words for Resume Are the Worst?

Any applicant can claim that he or she is a team player, a go-getter, detail-oriented and with good track of record (because anyone can actually be one). What the employers are looking for is someone who is unique and can be an advantage for the company. The word ‘industrious’ is a very vague word in your resume. You can be industrious by coming to work every day, on time, but employers want someone who put zest on a task, someone who can lead the way and make people work the way they do.

How to Avoid These Words in Your Resume

So what you should do now? The next big step is to look for proper and better words to use in a resume. The solutions are not too big and complex words. They are actually simpler than the words you have been using and you are probably familiar with them. Most resume writing tips would advise you to use the following words instead:

  • Accomplished
  • Advanced
  • Articulated
  • Assist
  • Authored
  • Collaborated
  • Committed
  • Composed
  • Conducted
  • Conveyed
  • Convinced
  • Coordinated
  • Corresponded
  • Delegated
  • Developed
  • Directed
  • Distinguished
  • Encourage
  • Enhanced
  • Evaluate
  • Facilitate
  • Forecasted
  • Formulate
  • Fulfilled
  • Furnished
  • Gained
  • Generated
  • Headed
  • Implemented
  • Improved
  • Incorporated
  • Influenced
  • Managed
  • Maximized
  • Motivated
  • Obtained
  • Organized
  • Oversaw
  • Pioneered
  • Planned
  • Promoted
  • Proposed
  • Recommended
  • Resolved
  • Restructured
  • Secured
  • Spearheaded
  • Strengthened
  • Structured
  • Supervised

The above list of words for resume is more authoritative and action-driven. They can highlight your achievements, experiences, and skills as an applicant who is suited for the job opening in your target company. Moreover, they give your resume a professional look. So what are you waiting for? Pull out that resume of yours and begin your revision.

Avoid the worst words in a resume and increase your job chances today!