Strong Engineering Resume Keywords

engineering resume keywords
engineering resume keywords
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Engineering is one of the most highly in demand jobs locally and internationally. Although this career has numerous fields of specialties, there is somehow a common resume format used in their job applications.

Aside from the format, there are other important factors common and need to be considered by engineering applicants – the keywords for their resumes.

This article aims to introduce the advantages and importance of keywords on engineering resumes and how they can help in getting applicants the job they ever wanted.

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A List of Words that Create Strong Engineering Resumes

Keywords make a huge difference in having your resume recognized from the rest of other documents uploaded with the same purpose – to get hired as an engineer. Whether you are a civil, mechanical, chemical engineer, you need to look at the following list if you want to strengthen your resume.

  • Achieved
  • Allocated
  • Appraised
  • Assisted
  • Acquired
  • Applied
  • Arranged
  • Assembled
  • Attained
  • Addressed
  • Adapted
  • Built
  • Balanced
  • Changed
  • Controlled
  • Conducted
  • Calculated
  • Computed
  • Contained
  • Competent
  • Conceptualized
  • Created
  • Classified
  • Catalogued
  • Contracted
  • Constructed
  • Completed
  • Delivered
  • Designated
  • Designed
  • Developed
  • Devised
  • Documented
  • Diagnosed
  • Decreased
  • Evaluated
  • Executed
  • Expanded
  • Examined
  • Extracted
  • Engineered
  • Eliminated
  • Established
  • Expedited
  • Enforced
  • Estimated
  • Exhibited
  • Expressed
  • Evaluated
  • Expertise
  • Formulated
  • Fabricated
  • Facilitated
  • Founded
  • Familiarized
  • Finalized
  • Gathered
  • Generated
  • Headed
  • Hypothesized
  • Identified
  • Improvised
  • Improved
  • Initiated
  • Innovated
  • Interpreted
  • Integrated
  • Invented
  • Investigated
  • Increased

These keywords for engineering resume are important because of their abilities to appeal to the staffing department of the company you are applying for. They highlight the plain words you have written on your resume, thus creating a better chance for you to get hired.

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Benefits from Using Keywords for Engineering Resume

There are numerous benefits that an engineering applicant like you can derive from using those keywords listed above. First, it gives your resume a better chance to get recognized by a resume filtering software used by job seeker websites.

Another benefit that you can enjoy using these keywords is the professional look that it gives to your document. Compared to plainly written resumes, the ones with proper keywords are way better looking. Moreover, they highlight your achievements, skills, and related professional experiences.

How to Use These Words in Drafting Your Initial Engineering Resume

There are easy steps on how to incorporate these words on your initial resume template or draft. First, you need to list down all the important details that you need to include on your resume. These include your educational background, professional experiences and qualifications, and learning and development training (if there is any).

Once the draft is complete, pick some words from the list that you deem necessary to associate with your list. For example, if you listed ‘worked as a chief engineer’, you can add keywords to make it ‘Performed the duties and responsibilities of a chief engineer and implemented protocols within my team’.

Engineering Resume Keywords and How It Can Help For Getting a Job

Once you have uploaded your resume and left your chance to online job hunters, it will be stored in a databank along with other thousands of engineering applications. A machine, usually an optical character recognition (OCR) filters resumes and look for keywords that match on the job postings from companies. If your resume was plainly written without any hint of proper keywords, there is a very slim chance that it will be referred to companies’ staffing personnel.

Engineering Keyword & How It Can Improve Resume

Engineering resume keywords can bring so much development on your CV. First, it makes you look competitive on your resume. These words are often used by professionals, thus making you look professional and qualified for the position. Also, you can read about resume words for teachers.

Refer to this list of strong engineering resume keywords today!