List of 50+ Best Resume Keywords 2018

Many people don’t know about them but resume keywords 2018 can immensely improve your CV. The more you use keywords, the better – but only when you use them correctly.

As we know using keywords can be really hard for many people, we are going to show you a resume format 2018 with the proper use of keywords and a list of the best keywords for a perfect resume 2018.

Just remember that as well as resume keywords, there are resume buzzwords 2018 you need to avoid. Here we are going to talk about each one of them and help you choose correctly when making your resume. Take a look and find out!

What Are Resume Keywords?

Keywords for a resume 2018 format are the one part many hiring managers and recruiters look for in resumes. You may think they’re not important, but actually many people choose the best candidates according to how they use keywords.

For example, those hiring managers who use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), tend to look for certain keywords according to the job offer, from keywords to qualities, credentials, experience or even just achievements. Additionally, keywords can also make the resume look a lot better in the eyes of recruiters, especially when you use them for your skills and work experience.

If a hiring manager, for example, is looking for a candidate with knowledge of a certain designing software, writing the name on the resume is incredibly helpful, as he will immediately get caught up by it. If you put it in your skills and you talk about it with confidence, much better results will come your way. Yet, this can be done for almost anything, from your skills to experience and even your education.

When you don’t use resume keywords 2018, the higher the chances your resume will be thrown out and ignored. The keyword meaning in resume is incredibly important, so the more you use them, the more chances of getting selected you will have.

good resume keywords 2018List of 50 Resume Keywords to Use in Resume 2018

Here you have best keywords categorized in 5 different sectors. These keywords are perfect if you want to learn how to make the best resume 2018. Use them according to your field of work and make your resume be much more effective.

Financial sector
  1.     accounting
  2.     financial reporting
  3.     financial statement
  4.     Excel
  5.     strategic planning
  6.     develop trends
  7.     financial modeling
  8.     microcomputers
  9.     financial analysis
  10.     forecasting
Business sector
  1.   strategic planning
  2.   product management
  3.   program management
  4.   business plan
  5.   line management
  6.   pricing
  7.   team player
  8.   CAM
  9.   marketing
  10.   product strategy
Management sector
  1.   production schedule
  2.   project planning
  3.   ability to implement
  4.   CList
  5.   data analysis
  6.   ability to plan
  7.   customer interaction
  8.   VM, CMS, JCL
  9.   REXX, UNIX
  10.   VMS
Information technology sector
  1.   C++
  2.   customer
  3.   hiring/firing
  4.   prototype
  5.   structured design
  6.   code development
  7.   DASD
  8.   experiment design
  9.   problem solving
  10.   software design
Secretary sector
  1.   typing skill
  2.   interpersonal skills
  3.   oral communication
  4.   administrative assistance
  5.   clerical
  6.   data analysis
  7.   troubleshoot
  8.   presentation
  9.   publication
  10.   problem solving

good resume format 2018How to Improve a Resume with the Right Keywords

Resumes are a thing not many people know how to improve correctly, especially when we talk about keywords. But you won’t have to worry, if you are someone who’s thinking of creating a new type of resume with a more effective and useful addition of keywords, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you have some of the best resume writing tips 2018 to improve your CV with keywords:

Use keywords according to your career

Maybe the most obvious recommendation, it is still important to clarify that the most career-oriented your keywords are, the more likely you can grab the attention of recruiters. Additionally, when you apply for a work that demands the exact same skills or experience you write as keywords, you will for sure be taken into account by the hiring manager. So always use them according to your field of work for better results.

Use them with care

Even though using a lot of keywords can be very effective – it is important to use them with care. This means that you don’t have to overstuff them. Use them in bullets and always make sure they are separated from one another. However, we recommend using action verbs alongside career-oriented keywords and not keywords with keywords or action verbs with action verbs – you can make your resume look awful.

Make them visible

In free work resume templates 2018, for example, you will encounter three or four different segments within. Try to use keywords accordingly yet make sure they are visible. Most people like to use keywords in the first or two sentences or bullets of each segment. Do that and make sure they are more visible. However, if you want to, you can make a resume made of only keywords and action verbs. But it can be dangerous, as sometimes recruiters tend to look for more things than just keywords.

Use them effectively

There’s no point of using keywords in a place they don’t belong or use them just to fill out space in your resume. When you use a career-related keyword, make sure that whatever the skill, experience or ability it is about, you are actually related. There are people who use keywords just for the sake of using keywords. Sometimes they don’t even hold the skill or experience they’re talking about, making their resumes be a lie, practically.

The Best Resume Keywords 2018

These keywords are not exactly keywords, yet they work almost the same way. These are named action verbs, and they help recruiters to know what exactly you’ve achieved so far in your career, what kind of work you can manage and the different sets of skills you have depending on the type of keywords you use.

These action verbs work exactly as keywords and will, for sure, make your resume look a lot better. But it all comes down to learning how to use them effectively. Take our previous tips and make sure you don’t waste them.

Example of resume keywords/action words to use in your next resume to make it more effective:

  1. Achieved
  2. Improved
  3. Trained/mentored
  4. Managed
  5. Created
  6. Resolved
  7. Volunteered
  8. Influenced
  9. Increased/decreased
  10. Ideas
  11. Negotiated
  12. Launched
  13. Revenue/profits
  14. Under budget
  15. Won

Word Resume Template 2018 for Keywords

Learning how to use resume keywords 2018 more effectively is incredibly helpful. Here you have an example on how to use them with more effectiveness, making them more visible, and eventually do their job accordingly.

Financial advisor
Name (optional)

       Name & last name

Name your professional profile

(Sometimes, recruiters like to look for some degrees more than others. Make sure you add your degree and specialization here, they will work as keywords)

¾     Bachelor in Finance from Stanford University (2010)

¾     MBA in Related Field from Harvard (2015)

Brief summary of the profile

To make your resume a lot more effective, we recommend using the brief-profile description of your professional endeavors. This way you will make sure keywords are easier to see and much more scannable by ATS.

First, start with a brief description like this:

Financial Advisor with MBA and an extensive experience in forecasting and accounting. Achieved the highest level of financial analysis and resolved many problems throughout my career as an advisor for many companies around the US. Looking for a great opportunity to improve my skills and be of service.

Then, you can go on with your additional skills/achievements in your career with bullets to make your profile be even more specific:

       Negotiated New Strategic Planning

       Developed Efficient Trends

       And so on…

Employment story

Similarly to the previous segment, here you need to talk about companies and jobs you’ve worked at before. Yet, remember to use action verbs alongside keywords for more effectiveness.

2013 – Financial Advisor Agency in LA – Chief of Advisors

       Managed Excel Sheets for 5 years

       Resolved many Revenue Problems with High-Quality Financial Analysis

Personal information (optional)

Name, Last name


Phone number, E-mail

Need Help with Resume Keywords 2018?

As you see, the use of keywords in a resume format 2018 may not be as easy as it looks. But that doesn’t need to scare you or worry you. Using keywords is even easier than you think, and with the proper practice and training, you will make a perfect resume using the best keywords without even noticing.

Just remember to always look for resume keywords 2018 depending on the type of work you are applying for and the type of impression you want to make. This way, each keyword will be caught by the ATS machine from your recruiter, or even better, by the recruiters itself.

So, what are you waiting for? Use resume keywords 2018 now or ask for our help and we will come right to the rescue!