How to Use Action Verbs for Resumes?

action verbs for resumes

The use of verbs or action words is among the resume writing tips highly recommended by experts. These good words for resume are considered to be powerful tools to describe one’s experience, skills and capacity to perform once hired. The following article provides a list of verbs suited to make your resume look good for companies and hiring managers. For more action verbs and resume tips, read on the following article.

Action Words for Resumes & the Benefits from Their Using

action verbs for resumes
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Action verbs for resumes enliven your CV and highlight your experiences and skills. For example, if you just listed “educational seminars” as one of your trainings, it looks very plain. Wherein when you added “Participated in nationwide educational seminars”, resume words become more professional and active. This means you have joined in a significant part during the event.

It sets your resume from the rest and helps it to be read by an optical character recognition (OCR). Once recognized, your resume can be listed as one of the best resumes and will eventually be recommended for companies’ job openings.

Verbs on resumes help connect your document to other online links and companies with the most compatible job descriptions and openings. They also help your resume get linked to the most related job openings in the market.

Nevertheless, using targeted keywords for a job or position helps you make a good impression because they can highlight your familiarity and knowledge about the opened position. If you’re looking to improve your chances, then do not think twice making use of these power words in your application. They can help you in demonstrating what you know and what you can bring to the table. Study your options well and select from these power words to use in a resume.

How to Use These Words in Writing Your Own Resume

There are few key points you need to remember in using action words for resume writing. First, list down your summary draft, which includes your educational attainment, professional or working experience, and the software or program you are expert into. Once the draft is completed, look for action words that best complement your summary. You can check the list above for more action verbs.

Action Verbs and How It Can Help For Getting a Job

Action words for resumes help your document to be recognized by software filters, and finally catch the attention of hiring managers. Once you have the right action words on your resume, it will be ranked as one of the highest keyword-enriched document from the rest. Once your resume is ranked, it will be submitted to companies and hiring managers that are looking for a suitable candidates.

Refer to these action verbs for resumes today!