How Strong Resume Words Can Help to Get a Job?

strong resume words

The words you put on your resume says many things about you – your educational background, professional experience, and your previous duties and responsibilities. Having said that, you should realize it is of great importance to know of the words to use when you draft your ticket to your next job. However, words for resume should not only be plain words that you use in your everyday conversation. They call them resume buzzwords, a set of strong words that aim to create buzz or ring a bell once run under an optical character recognition (OCR) software.

This article will help you identify those strong words and guide you on how to use them to make it work for your advantage – which is to get a job. First, here is the list of strong words that you can use on your resume.

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A List of Strong Resume Words for You to Get a Job

strong resume words
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The following words are among the widely used strong words that job seekers utilize on their resumes. These are also the words that hiring managers and resume filtering software are looking for on uploaded resumes.

  • Increased
  • Influenced
  • Inspected
  • Informed
  • Introduced
  • Implemented
  • Installed
  • Judged
  • Justified
  • Launched
  • Lectured
  • Learned
  • Listened
  • Located
  • Made
  • Maintained
  • Managed
  • Mapped
  • Marketed
  • Measured
  • Mediated
  • Monitored
  • Motivated
  • Moderated
  • Modified
  • Negotiated
  • Observed
  • Obtained
  • Operated
  • Organized
  • Originated
  • Oversaw
  • Performed
  • Piloted
  • Perfected
  • Persuaded
  • Planned
  • Predicted
  • Prepared
  • Presented
  • Prevented
  • Processed
  • Produced
  • Programmed
  • Promoted
  • Proposed
  • Protected
  • Published
  • Prioritized
  • Projected
  • Proficient
  • Questioned
  • Raised
  • Reasoned
  • Recommended
  • Recruited
  • Referred
  • Regulated
  • Rehabilitated
  • Reorganized
  • Researched
  • Resolved
  • Reviewed
  • Revised
  • Revitalized
  • Restructured
  • Reconciled
  • Repaired
  • Replaced
  • Reported

If you notice, the words listed above may look superlative in their fields. Their superlative property makes them stronger. For example, we prefer to list ‘led’, ‘managed’, ‘implemented’ ‘pioneered’ etc. rather than common words like ‘participated’, ‘contributed’ or ‘supported’.

How to Use Good Words for Resume on Getting a Job

To find a job, you must understand what companies and hiring managers are looking for in a resume. As you draft your resume, list down all your skills, capabilities, and experiences, including the programs or software you are familiar with. Around this draft, add some strong words from the list that you think would go along with them. For example, on your experience wherein you plainly wrote ‘Member of the programming team’, you can add some strong resume words to make it a stronger statement. You can rewrite it as ‘Lead the programming team in the development of new software that upgraded the department’s processes.

Job Seekers’ Benefits from Their Using Of Strong Words in Resume

Good words for resume have several benefits for you and your journey to your next job. They can make your resume stronger by highlighting your skills and abilities as an applicant. They emphasize your related experiences and give your resume a good boost to look good in resume filtering software.

Another benefit of strong words in your resume is that they can make your resume stand out from the rest. They separate your resume from the common ones, thus, allowing it to be seen and read by hiring managers.

Lastly, it makes your resume look more professional. Strong words can be associated with result-oriented applicants, which is one of the qualities that companies are looking for.

A Strong-worded Resume and How It Can Help For Getting a Job

Your chance to get hired through your uploaded resume depends on how you present yourself through proper wordings. With the right choice of strong words, your resume has a stronger fighting chance in the field of resume optimization. A strong-worded resume can bring you several steps closer to your dream job. Good resume words allow your resume to be read and recognized among the pool of other several documents uploaded online. Once your resume was recognized, it will be routed to companies’ hiring managers who are looking for the best candidate for the position you are applying for.

Refer to these strong resume words today!