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Using of Resume Words

Writing a resume – can be a really difficult and exhausting task. You know that you need to show yourself, your main skills and achievements as good as possible and sometimes it can be really hard to do. You need to use specific resume words, to know specific structure of all this. Learn how to use right resume words and where to put them through our online guides to getting that all-important interview.

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What Are Resume Keywords and Why Are They Important?

Your resume is often the only thing that a recruiter will see and they will use it to make a decision as to whether you are going to be offered an interview. What you write and the specific words that you include will affect not only if you will get the attention of the recruiter but also if you will be found at all in the first place. Your resume wording and how you have used those resume words can seriously affect how likely you are to be found through your resume or if you are going to be considered for a place. Don’t use the right CV words and a computer could be rejecting your application before a real person even knows you exist. This website will help you to understand every aspect of your resume and how to put together a resume that will get you spotted and interviewed.



How Resume Wording Can Effect Searches

Not every job is advertised; often recruiters will use online job sites such as Monster or networking sites such as LinkedIn to search for potential candidates. They are not however just going to read through every profile and CV to see who is a potential match. Just like searching online recruiters can use a form of search engine to find those resumes that best match what they are looking for.
They will tell the software what specific words they are looking for in each resume so that the software can find them the best possible matches for their needs. These software programs can even put importance on words that are found in specific sections or dismiss resumes that are clearly stuffing keywords to try to fool the software.
So if your resume has the correct keywords in the right places and in the right ratio to other words then you have a good chance of your resume being seen by the recruiter. Our website is here to help you to understand not only what words you have to include by where they should go.

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What Keywords Should You Include in Your Resume?

Resume keywords are usually words that are very related to the industry that you work in and the specific job position that you are applying for. Finding the right ones to use however is not always easy when there are often so many that you could use. Our website will provide you with guidance as to what specific words you should include on your application as well as providing you with advice as to where you can find the right keywords to use.

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How to Find Keywords for Your Resume

There are several techniques that you can use to ensure that you cover all of the keywords that the recruiters will be looking for. Our website will help you to understand how you can find the right keywords by looking at:

  • Job adverts: typically these will contain the buzzwords that the recruiters are looking for
  • Competitors Resumes: look at what others are using within their resumes to get ideas

We can provide you with advice as to how to analyze these sources of information using things such as word clouds to highlight the most commonly used words and phrase.
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Resume Action Words

Not only should your resume include all of the right keywords or buzzwords; it also needs to be written using words that are going to get the attention of the recruiter. Passive language in your CV that does not engage the reader is not going to give you that edge that you need over your competitors. Our website will help you to understand how to craft a truly engaging and attention grabbing resume.

So if you want to truly understand how resume words and how you format your CV will affect your chance of an interview just read on and follow our expert advice!